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Welcome to Picture of Elegance Photography. We strive to ensure that your special moments are captured forever. Picture of Elegance Photography has studios in Sydney and Melbourne but has shot in Darwin, Cairns, Brisbane and Hobart. We haven't yet got across to Perth but are working on it!

We are specialists in tailoring packages to suit your needs and be more than happy to have a chat to you to find out what you need and the best way of getting it. Please enter our website to discover your photography possibilities.










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This website showcases the work of wedding photography, event photography, birthday photography and portrait photography in Sydney and Melbourne by our internationally renowned photographer Sameera Vithanage and his team of brilliant photographers. Wedding Photography Sydney and Melbourne by Picture of Elegance Photography not expensive, it is priceless.

Picture of Elegance Photography has been operating in Sydney since 2006 and Melbourne since 2010 as a wedding photography company and since 1999 as an event photography company. Wedding photography is an art and a science, unlike any other, wedding photo demands skill and patience with a very special personality. A photographer need more than mere technical knowledge to be a great wedding photographer, you need to care about the people you are photographing and understand their personality. A great photographer can reach into a photograph and bring out the persons soul and personality. All the photographers of Picture of Elegance Photography have this aim whenever they point a camera. We are not journalists and don't simply record the events of a day. We leave this for the amateur and average photographers. We capture those amazing moments that happen in weddings, birthdays and other happy events. We live for those special moments that make you smile every time you look at a photograph. That is our mission statement.

Picture of Elegance Photography Prints
We don't run a print shop together with our photography studio. We are specialists photographers who employ specialist photography printers to print brilliant photographs. I know some photographers brag that they do everything from shooting to printing. This may have been true in the 1980s where each studio needed a little film print workshop in their backroom. These days, specialist photography printers use million dollar printing equipment to ensure that the print brilliant and consistent photographs every time. We focus on capturing you precious moments and hire specialist photography printers to ensure that these moments are printed professionally at their laboratories in Alexandria in Sydney NSW. As specialist wedding photographers we hire specialist photography print laboratories to get the best results for you. We never do things less than 100% because we know that though we do hundreds of shoots per year, only one shoot is important to you.

At Picture of Elegance Photography Sydney, we use the latest photography gear. But we know that spending money on equipment is not the answer to getting a great photograph. To get a great photograph you need to start with having a happy and relaxed subject, a great and enthusiastic photographer, a great lens and then a great camera. Some photographers believe that having expensive equipment will guarantee great photographs. Professional photographers know that this is not the case. The amazing photographs taken by brilliant photographers like Alberto Korda, Henri Cartier Bresson and Ansel Adams were taken with old film cameras that were purely mechanical and did not have the processing power of a cheap calculator. While good equipment is important it should never be the first step for a brilliant photograph. This photography philosophy is embraced by all the photographers of Picture of Elegance Photography Sydney.

Pre wedding shoots can be included in every package. Picture of Elegance photography know that it is very important that we know your likes and preferences and encourage you to can test out your hair and makeup so there are no surprises on your wedding day. This is most important to Wedding photography Sydney by Picture of Elegance photography Sydney. We can even refer some affordable but great makeup artists so that you can run through your makeup prior to you important day to ensure that you will be confident and relaxed on you wedding day. Picture of Elegance photography is based in Sydney with associate studios in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, and Hobart. Sydney Photography and wedding packages can be designed to suite your wedding budget.

It is very important that you choose your wedding photographer very carefully. Sydney photographers have been voted as the best wedding photographers in the world.

Our photographers have also photographed Indian weddings, Sri Lankan weddings, Pakistani weddings, Hindu weddings and Buddhist weddings. Photography is an art form that transcends boundaries. Picture of Elegance photography aims to reach across from the heartland of Australia to the hearts of its clients and give them photographic memories that will bring joy and pleasure though perfectly captured moments. Wedding Photography Sydney by Picture of Elegance Photography Sydney. We hope you enjoy our site. Please feel free to email or call me anytime and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions or refer you on to a range of associates from hair and makeup artists to florists and designers. As commercial photographers, Picture of Elegance Photography has extensive contacts with photograph industry artists who can make your day extra special. Recently Picture of Elegance Photography have collaborated with some up and coming fashion designers who will make that special gown, sari or dress to bring the wow factor to your event and put the sparkle in your photographs.

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